Dentures: Tips To Keeping Your Chompers Clean And Your Smile Healthy

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Maintaining dentures can be a hassle. From trying to find the perfect cleaner, to worrying about damaging your pearly whites, dentures can become an unwanted stress in life. Fortunately, there are ways to clean and maintain your dentures with materials in your own home. With this list of tips and tricks, your smile will sparkle.

1. Know your Dentures.

Before you begin cleaning, you must know the type of dentures you have and the components used to create them. For instance, if you have metal clamps in your dentures, it is recommended that you only use water when cleaning. Ask your dentist about restrictions in order to avoid damaging your teeth.

2. Baking Soda and Peroxide Mixture.

Soaking your dentures in this homemade mixture will give you the shine of commercial cleaners without the cost. This remedy requires 2 teaspoons of baking soda, water, and peroxide. Place the baking soda in your cleaning container with just enough water to dissolve the powder. After the baking soda has dissolved, place your dentures in the container and fill the remaining space with peroxide. Let your dentures soak over night and then rinse them well the next day. Under circumstances in which peroxide is not available, the container can be filled by adding water to the dissolved baking soda mixture.

3. Soft Bristled Tooth Brush.

After soaking your dentures in the above mixture, use a soft-bristled tooth brush to gently remove plaque. Dentures, being much more fragile than teeth, easily break when dropped. However, when squeezed too tightly dentures are also known to break. Finding a balance between a loose grip that won't break your dentures but also won't allow them to be dropped is very important. Filling the sink halfway full of water can create a safe place for your dentures to land in the occasion that they are dropped.

4. Keep a Clean Mouth.

Often, when worrying about keeping your dentures clean, maintaining a clean mouth can be forgotten. It is important to brush your gums to remove plaque that has built up below your dentures. According to the American Dental Association, brushing your gums will promote tissue circulation and give your dentures a healthier place to rest. Mouth health affects denture success and comfort and must be a priority to everyone.

While dentures can be an unwanted change or a welcomed addition, using these tips will help you keep your dentures clean and comfortable for the years to come.

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13 January 2015

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