How To Remove Invisalign Trays Without Difficulties

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Are you new to Invisalign, or are you considering using the Invisalign treatment to correct your dental alignment? If so, you will do well to learn a few tips that can help you remove the trays. Without the following tips, you could quickly break off all of your fingernails and experience a great deal of anxiety trying to get the trays out of your mouth.

Stay Calm

Not being able to get the trays out of your mouth can cause you to panic. Stay calm! The tray is not stuck in there forever. If you have attempted to remove the trays a few times without success and find yourself feeling stressed, panicked or overwhelmed, take a few moments to collect yourself before trying again. There is no need to put yourself through such emotional abuse.

Start at the Back

Your first thought may be to grab the tray at the front and try sliding it off of your teeth. Instead, grab the tray at the molars and work it free on both sides. After the tray is released from the molars, it will more easily come off of the front teeth. This could be due to the front teeth being further out of alignment causing the tray to be more difficult to remove.

Try a Warm Drink

Swish some very warm water around in your mouth for a minute or two before trying to remove the trays. The trays seem to be more easily removed if they are warm. It could be due to the increased temperature allowing the tray to flex a little more than it would at mouth temperature.

Improve the Grip

Your fingers can easily slip off of the trays as you try to remove them. Instead of grabbing the tray with your fingers, use a small piece of paper towel to grip it. Another thing to try is wearing latex gloves. The gloves tend to provide more traction than bare fingers do and can help you get the tray out with less difficulties.

Use an Aligner Hook

Orthodontists use small tools called aligner hooks to remove the tray when you are in the office. You can purchase these tools online or at your local pharmacy. Talk with your orthodontist about purchasing one through the office if you cannot find one elsewhere.

Difficulty removing the trays is the one main complaint that Invisalign users have made. If you use the above tips, you can easily remove the trays and take the troubles out of aligning your teeth with this wonderful treatment process.

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29 January 2015

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