Three Ways To Make Your Dentures Last Longer

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Getting dentures is a great way to help replace any missing teeth or teeth that you had to have removed. This is because dentures not only have the look of natural teeth, but they are also a more affordable option over implants. However, dentures can still deteriorate over time. At some point, you are going to have to replace them and this can be expensive. This is why you want to ensure that you are doing all that you can to make your dentures last longer. Here are three ways to do this: 

Clean Them Once a Day: 

Every day you should be cleaning your dentures. This is going to remove harmful bacteria that can not only do damage to your oral health but can also cause the dentures to break down more quickly and need to be replaced sooner. Don't use toothpaste to do this since toothpaste is abrasive and will cause scratches. Instead, use a cleaner that is specifically designed to clean dentures. Also, be sure that you are rinsing the dentures with water after every meal to ensure that any food that is stuck is removed. 

Don't Wear Them at Night: 

Don't wear your dentures at night, but instead, leave them soaking in a cup of water or denture cleaning overnight solution. If you leave your dentures in, you are more susceptible to tooth decay and other oral diseases. These serious complications are something that dentures aren't going to be able to cover up and eventually, you may need more expensive work. Your dentist may even recommend implants at this point since you won't have to worry about removing them at night. 

Brush Your Gums: 

Just because you don't have your natural teeth does not mean that you shouldn't be cleaning your mouth with a toothbrush twice a day. Gums need to be brushed because it stimulates blood flow and removes bacteria, which makes you less prone to diseases. On top of this, it ensures that your gums are strong enough to hold your dentures in place. If you aren't taking care of your gums, you are probably not going to be a good candidate for dentures and they will actually just be a waste of money. 

When you know these three ways to take advantage of dentures and make them last longer, you can be sure that you end up with the best oral care after dentures that is going to make the money you have invested in them worth it. 


12 April 2016

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