Important Reasons To Get Dental Implants Instead Of Dentures

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Are you in need of false teeth, but you've heard stories about poorly fitting dentures? Are you worried about your teeth coming out while you're at an important event? Fortunately, dentures aren't your only option if you need to have new teeth. If dentures are all that you've ever heard discussed, here are some reasons why you might want to choose to have dental implants instead:

Secure: With dental implants, a metal rod or bolt is inserted into the bone of your upper or lower jaw. These bolts then act as anchors for the actual prosthetic. These anchors obviously make dental implants much more secure than a simple denture adhesive. As a result, you'll be the one to choose exactly when and where your false teeth will come out. This security also means that you'll have a slightly wider choice of foods than you would if you simply had regular dentures.

Almost permanent: Once your teeth are removed, you can start to lose bone mass under your gums. This can be especially obvious if you get dentures, since the dentures will need to be relined every few years to make them fit correctly once again. How often dentures need to be relined will vary from person to person, but all dentures will eventually need relining. With dental implants, the anchors can act similarly to actual teeth in helping to prevent bone loss. Whatever minimal bone loss happens should not change the fit of your implants. As a result, careful care of your new teeth can mean that you'll be using the same teeth for many years to come.

Cost effective: Admittedly, dentures cost the least amount of money up front. However, they can also cost a lot to maintain. You'll need special creams, pastes or other adhesives to keep the dentures in your mouth, all of which cost money. You'll also need to purchase products to clean the adhesive off of the dentures themselves. The dentures will then need to be relined every few years, adding to the cost. With dental implants, the upkeep is generally minimal. Instead of paying for a multitude of products to keep your teeth in good shape, you'll only need to ensure that they are cleaned nightly as you would clean your natural teeth. Having the teeth last for years without needing to be refitted will also add additional costs. Even if your dentist tells you that dentures will cost you the least amount of money upfront, once you add up all the various accessories and compare that to the cost of dental implants, you may find that they actually cost as much, if not more, in the long run.

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29 June 2016

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