Three Tips For Relieving Anxiety When Visiting The Dentist

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If you have a fear of visiting the dentist, it has probably kept you from receiving even the most basic teeth cleaning services. When you miss out on teeth cleaning, your mouth can suffer severe consequences, such as periodontal disease even if you brush and floss on a consistent basis. This is because dentists are the only ones who have the tools to remove built up plaque on the teeth. Your toothbrush will not be able to do this for you. To ensure that you are able to visit the dentist at least once a year, you should consider these three tips for relieving your anxiety about it:

Talk to Your Dentist:

First off, you should have a conversation with your dentist about your anxiety. Many dentists offer sedation options that can make you feel more relaxed while visiting their office. With this option, your dentist will provide you with prescription medication that helps you relax even during a regular oral exam, which includes a teeth cleaning. Your dentist will also be willing to talk more details about your dental procedures so that you don't feel in the dark at all, which can only increase your anxiety. Once you are comfortable with your dentist in this way, it should help reduce your anxiety significantly. 

Talk to Your Doctor:

In some cases, your dentist may not be able to write out prescriptions for sedation because their office doesn't offer it. However, this doesn't mean that you need to find a new dentist. Instead, you can talk to your doctor about your anxiety. Your doctor should be able to provide you with an anti-anxiety prescription that you can take before visiting your dentist. Many doctors understand their patient's increased anxiety about visiting the dentist and they want to ensure that it is eliminated so that you can take care of your overall health. 

Bring Your iPod:

Talk with your dentist about using an iPod to listen to music while getting your dental work done. Many dentists will allow this because music can help reduce anxiety, as well. If you are unable to bring an iPod, ask if there are other items you can take from home that will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. For example, consider taking along a comfortable pillow or even a destresser ball that you can squeeze while getting your dental work done. 

When you utilize these three tips for relieving your anxiety about visiting the dentist, you can be sure that you are not skipping out on vital appointments, which could affect your health in a negative way. If you're interested, click the following link for additional reading.


18 July 2016

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