Snaggle-Toothed, Buck-Toothed And Toothless: How A Cosmetic Dentist Fixes All Of These Scary Smiles

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Being snaggle-toothed generally means you have some misshapen and/or broken teeth that look like daggers rather than teeth. Buck-toothed means your upper front teeth jut out far over the top of your bottom teeth, and toothless, well, is toothless. The one thing all of these smiles have in common is that they can be quite unnerving to other people and may even interfere with decent and positive social interaction. Here is how a cosmetic dentist can help fix all of these scary or socially awkward smiles.


A simple snaggle-tooth is a tooth that is growing or jutting out apart from the others. For this, the cosmetic dentist can use orthodontia to move the tooth back into position and move the other teeth around it so that they all fit together. Nothing else really needs to be done to the tooth or the surrounding teeth to fix this simple snaggle-tooth.

Complex snaggle-teeth are teeth that are both broken and out of place. For this, your dentist may suggest removing the affected teeth altogether and/or replacing them with implants. If the broken ones are not too badly damaged and are still alive, your dentist may be able to cap or crown them to save what is left and then use braces to move the teeth back into position.


If you have bucked teeth, cosmetic dentistry can fix this problem with orthodontia and dental filing. The first thing the dentist would do is grind down overly long front teeth so that they are more even with the rest of your teeth. Then he or she would use braces to reshape your mouth and move the bucked teeth back away from your lips. You know the procedure is a success when you do not have to strain to close your lips over your front teeth and your lips close naturally.


To take care of a completely toothless grin, your dentist can offer you a couple of options. You can get a full set of dentures, which is often the cheapest option. You may also get a full set of dental implants, which is the most expensive. Middle-of-the-road options include some implants combined with a set of partials for added denture stability and ease of cleaning. You can discuss with your cosmetic dentist which of these options are most suitable for your mouth and what might work best for you with regards to pricing and oral care.

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24 August 2016

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