Should You Ever Get A Tooth Extracted Instead Of A Root Canal?

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In most cases, dentists will recommend saving teeth whenever it is possible; however, there may be times when this is simply not possible. When a tooth cannot be saved, a dentist can perform an extraction. When a tooth can be saved, it will often require a root canal procedure. Here are several things you should know about getting a tooth extracted instead of getting a root canal.

A dentist will only recommend extraction if the tooth cannot be saved

Extracting a tooth is final and permanent, and it is only something a dentist will recommend if it is the only option. Dentists never want people to lose teeth that could be saved, but there are reasons teeth may not be able to be saved. Here are some of the issues that may prevent a tooth from being able to be saved:

  • Severe decay
  • Too much of the tooth is missing
  • Crack in the tooth that is very deep

Before a dentist can tell you what option is best for your situation, he or she will need to fully examine your mouth. This will include a visual examination and may also include x-rays. If the tooth cannot be repaired, the dentist will recommend removing it and replacing it with a bridge or dental implant.

A root canal can save most teeth

If, after the examination, the dentist finds that the tooth can be saved, he or she will most likely recommend a root canal procedure. This is done to remove infected root pulp, and it is often the only way to save a severely damaged tooth. After a root canal is completed, the tooth will often need to have a dental crown created for it. Crowns protect and strengthen teeth that are not complete teeth.

The choice may be up to you

It is always best to take the dentist's advice about a root canal or extraction, but dentists will often ask the patient which option they would prefer. If the choice is yours, you should seriously consider getting the tooth fixed if this is an option. If fixing the tooth is not an option, extraction would then be the best remedy for the tooth.

If you have a problem with a tooth in your mouth, visit a dentist. Dentists can usually save teeth if the problems are detected early on. To learn more, schedule a visit with a local dentist today or check out websites like


14 December 2016

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