How Dental Implants Can Help Your Surrounding Teeth

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If you have a few missing teeth, you may be trying to determine which method of replacing them is right for you. If you've heard about dental implants, you could be wondering if they would work for your smile. As it turns out, dental implants can not only perfectly restore a smile, but they can help out your remaining teeth, too. Keep reading to learn how dental implants could benefit your teeth and oral health.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Dental implants can help you to maintain a standard oral health maintenance approach, like flossing and brushing. While partial dentures are a potential option for you, they often cause more trouble for people who get them when it comes to keeping their mouth clean.

Dentures can't be cleaned like standard teeth, and need to be taken care of separately, outside of the mouth. Unfortunately, this can get in the way of you taking care of your remaining teeth and make you less likely to want to spend the time and energy flossing and thoroughly brushing your teeth in addition to taking care of your dentures.

Keep Jaw Bone Strong

Unlike dentures, dental implants work just like a real tooth, and they keep your jaw strong in the process. When you bite down on an implant, the pressure from your bite is sent all the way down into the bone, encouraging the growth of new, healthy bone. Dentures only transfer pressure to the top of the gums, so bone loss in the jaw is a very common side effect of getting dentures.

Your healthy, surrounding teeth need a strong jaw bone in order to stay healthy. If your bone density weakens due to dentures, you could potentially lose your remaining teeth, even with good oral hygiene and maintenance.

Encourage Circulation

Another benefit of the pressure dental implants provide in the mouth is that they encourage circulation. The pressure of biting puts pressure on the gums and releases it when you stop biting, encouraging blood to be pressed out of the gums and fresh blood to flood back in. Good circulation can help to reduce inflammation, which is a chronic symptom of gum disease, and could put your other teeth in danger of falling out.

Dental implants offer many benefits that dentures simply can't. If you want a permanent fix to replace your missing teeth and the best health possible for your mouth, talk to a dentist at a business like Treasured Smiles Dentistry about dental implants today.   


27 April 2017

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