Why Implants Encourage A Healthy Mouth Over Dental Crowns

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Losing a tooth can be hard, and you may want to have your tooth replaced as quickly as possible. While solutions with the placement of a bridge or a partial denture can help to restore your smile quickly, these options do not restore your tooth as permanently as they should; dental implants can. Implants are also healthier than some other replacement options.

They Encourage Bone Growth

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that actually helps to rebuild your jaw. When you lose a tooth, the dental socket fills in with new bone material. Over time though, the bone degrades and wear away. The result is a dip in the jaw where it becomes thin. This can affect the surrounding teeth and make these other teeth more likely to be lost as well. 

Dental implants place pressure on the jaw when you bite and chew. As pressure is exerted against the root device, bone remodeling is encouraged. This means that old bone cells break down and are replaced by new ones. Remodeling is a process that retains the structural integrity and density of the bones. In this way, the implant helps to keep the jaw bone intact, strong, and dense. This keeps the implant in place and also the surrounding teeth.

They Keep Gums Healthy

Bridges and dentures sit on top of the gum tissues, and the gums will often start to recede as your artificial tooth places pressure on the tissues. This tissue then becomes thin and is susceptible to bacterial infections. This can result in gingivitis or gum disease, and nearby teeth can be affected in the process.

Dental implants do not place the same stress on the gum tissues. The implant crown is attached to a device called an abutment. This cap or attachment connects directly to the dental implant root. The gums are pushed aside in this area during your dental implant surgery to make room for the cap. When the crown is secured on the abutment, the tooth meets the gums, but does not place pressure on them. This helps to keep the tissues healthy around your tooth and gingivitis is controlled in the process. 

You will need to clean carefully around the dental implant though to make sure that food does not get stuck between the gums and the implant tooth. A water flosser can assist with this. 

If you want to know more about the benefits of opting for a dental implant over other tooth replacement options, make sure to speak with your dentist, such as those at A Q Denture Services


25 May 2017

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