Frequently Asked Questions About A Tooth That Is Turning Black

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When you smile, you want to show the world a mouth full of healthy, white teeth. Unfortunately though, over time, you may notice that one of your teeth is turning from a white color to a dark brown, gray or black color. If this occurs, you may have many questions about it. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions in relation to a tooth that is turning black. 

Why is the Tooth Turning Black?

The most common reason why a tooth would turn black is because of decay. You may have a cavity that you are unaware of, the nerve of the tooth may be bad or you may have been hit in the mouth and the tooth is dying at the root. Blackening of a tooth can also be caused by excessive tartar build up and stains caused by dark foods and drinks, such as coffee. However, in these cases, more than one tooth is usually stained. When it comes to decay, typically only one tooth is affected. 

Will Whitening Help to Whiten the Black Tooth?

Whitening may help the black tooth if the problem is caused by staining. The teeth should be cleaned and then whitened if stains are what are causing the teeth to darken. However, if the tooth is turning black because of decay, whitening will not help. Fixing the decay by filling the cavity or having a root canal performed to remove the dead nerve and pulp will prevent the tooth from darkening further, but the black color present on the exterior of your tooth will be permanent. 

Is There Any Way to Hide the Black Coloration?

While the black color on your tooth may be permanent if your tooth darkened due to decay, it does not mean that you have to live with the darkened tooth. There are many ways that you can disguise a darkened tooth. One of the easiest options is to place a veneer over the front of the tooth, covering up any dark spots. If the tooth has been weakened because of the decay, a crown may be a great option. Lastly, the tooth can be pulled and an implant can be placed. 

If you have a tooth that is turning black, you will first want to visit with a dentist and find out why the tooth is turning black. Once the issue that is causing the tooth to darken is fixed, your dentist or a cosmetic dentist may be able to hide the tooth, giving it the appearance of a normal, white tooth. Contact your dental clinic, like Apollo Dental Center, if you notice a tooth is becoming discolored. 


20 December 2018

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