What To Do If A Root Canal Fails

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While you may have hopes of your upcoming root canal going smoothly, know that there is always a possibility that the procedure can fail. It can happen from not getting the crown placed on the tooth quickly enough, which will cause the temporary crown to fail. There can also be an infection still in the tooth that causes problems. No matter what the situation is, you'll be wondering what you can do about a root canal failure.

Have Another Root Canal Performed

Sometimes it is possible to have a dentist perform another root canal. The crown can be removed from the tooth so that the dentist can get back in there and remove infected material inside. The crown will then be put back onto the tooth, and you'll hopefully not have another complication. This can be done if you are using a temporary or permanent crown, and if you are using the latter, you will save on the cost of needing to pay for the crown again since it can be reused.

Get A Titanium Dental Implant

Another option is to have the tooth removed and an implant installed in its place. The benefit of having an implant installed is that you will have a titanium post inserted into the jawbone, which gives the implant the strength and stability it needs to be usable as a tooth. The titanium post also stimulates the jawbone, which keeps it healthy and strong over the years by preventing it from deteriorating. If you can afford the procedure, it is definitely worthwhile since it is a permanent solution.

Get A Dental Bridge

You can have the tooth pulled and replace it with a dental bridge, which is an option that is much less invasive and more affordable than a dental implant. The fake tooth will be suspended between two of your healthy teeth, held in place by crowns that are attached to them. Crowns are known to be very stable and restore your ability to chew foods, but a crown has a higher chance of becoming damaged than a dental implant. You may find yourself needing to return to the dentist at some point to fix the crown or running into a complication when one of those healthy teeth with the crown needs a dental procedure performed on it.

Speak to a dentist at a clinic like R2 Center for Dentistry to get a better idea of what your options are for dealing with a failed root canal.


25 January 2019

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