3 Things To Know About Dental X-Rays

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If you visit a dentist regularly, you will probably go every six months. While your dentist is not likely to take x-rays of your teeth at each appointment, he or she may recommend taking them once a year. Taking annual x-rays is something that you do not have to do, but they can be extremely helpful and beneficial to have taken. Here are several things you should understand about the importance of annual x-rays.

Why you do not need them at every visit

The first thing to realize is that dentists do not take x-rays every six months because they really are not needed this often. Once a year is plenty for x-rays, and if you have dental insurance, they will likely only cover the x-rays once a year and not every six months. X-rays take pictures of the teeth, the in-between parts of the teeth, and the bones and other components of teeth that are located within the gums. X-rays are not needed every six months because there is not likely a lot of change with these areas within six months. There can be significant change every year, though.

They help spot issues with teeth the eye cannot see

One of the main benefits of dental x-rays is the ability they offer to spot issues with teeth that a dentist could not see by looking inside your mouth at your teeth. The x-rays he or she takes will reveal very small issues that no one could see if they looked, even if they were trained, and they will show issues that are hidden between the teeth that are hard to spot. If your dentist finds small issues, then he or she can treat them to prevent them from becoming bigger and more damaging to your teeth.

They are helpful for finding issues hidden inside the gums

The other benefit is that x-rays help find problems within the gums, including infections inside the canals and roots of teeth. They also help find problems with wisdom teeth long before the teeth erupt, and they are helpful in finding a lot of other issues that your dentist could not see by looking in your mouth.

Getting x-rays is a normal part of dental care, and it is something you should do at least once a year. If you have any oral concerns and would like to discuss them with a dentist, contact a clinic in your town to schedule a visit with a local dentist.


24 April 2019

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