Why You Should Always Go To A Regular Dentist First Before Seeing A Specialist

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If you have a tooth or dental problem that you think might be a rare condition, then you will want to see a specialist as soon as possible. Whether you need someone who focuses on cosmetic dentistry or a periodontist, it is easy to look up the specialist in the field you think you have an issue in and then schedule an appointment. However, you are missing out on some valuable steps and information that could save you time and money. Here are three reasons why you should always try general dentistry first before going to a specialist.

Many Strange Symptoms Have Common Origins

Even if you have a very strange symptom that you don't normally associate with general dentistry, odds are that it is merely something you are unfamiliar with and not something that is out of the ordinary for your dentist. The problem is that with the Internet and online speculation rife for any and every symptom, it can be easy to self-diagnose yourself with something very rare when the answer is much more mundane. Getting that initial diagnosis is an important part of your treatment, and skipping it only complicates matters.

They Have All The Connections You Need

In the event that you do have a genuinely rare disease that requires further inspection from specialists, then your general dentist will have exactly the right contacts for you and can even set up an appointment. This gives you confidence that you are moving in the right direction, rather than trusting your own opinion on something that you may not have much experience in. Dentists refer patients to specialists all the time, just like general practitioners do, so if that is what you need, they will be more than happy to help. 

Quicker Treatment

A general dentistry clinic is often a lot less busy than the specialists simply because there are so many more of them. Sometimes, while an ailment can be treated by a specialist, it can also easily be treated by a regular dentist. In those cases, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort by simply going to your local dentist. If the need for a specialist is urgent, then going to a general dentist can help, as they can give you an urgent referral that can help you cut the line and see the specialist quicker. 

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4 December 2020

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