Three Things Not Many People Know About Orthodontists

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If you have had problems with the alignment of your teeth for many years, then you have no doubt considered getting them fixed at some point. The problem most people face is not knowing how exactly to do this and which medical professional to go to. Most would obviously consider a dentist first, but is that the best course of action? Quite often the best, fastest and most long-lasting treatment for misaligned teeth will come from a specialist that is known as an orthodontist. An orthodontist is a qualified dentist who has had extra training in this field so they are better at performing treatment and care for those suffering from poor teeth structure. Here are three things you probably didn't know about them that might change your mind!

You Do Not Have To See A Dentist First

Orthodontists are dentists in every sense of the word, and just because they are more specialized does not mean they can't diagnose general disorders and other problems in your teeth. If you know that your main issue is the alignment of your teeth or that you have an over or underbite, then you can go see an orthodontist straight away. You do not need a referral to see them as you might in traditional medical disciplines where your general physician will refer you to an oncologist or something like that. 

They Can Treat Anyone, No Matter The Age

While some orthodontists will specify that they work mostly with children or adults, they are fully qualified to deal with anyone of any age. That is because they have already trained as a dentist and have all of that base knowledge, which includes care for children who have different teeth structures. In fact, an orthodontist is better to see than a regular dentist if you are very young or very old because they will have far more experience with these smaller groups of people due to their specialization in this field.

Some Work As General Dentists As Well

Because orthodontics are quite specific, sometimes a fully qualified orthodontic dentist will simply market their business as a traditional dentist's office. This is particularly common in smaller towns where the need for orthodontic services is less. However, you can always find out if they are an orthodontic dentist or not by looking at their credentials or, better yet, calling them up and asking them! They will be happy to let you know one way or the other, and you can book your appointment right then. 


24 May 2021

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