4 Reasons You Should Not Panic Before A Dental Implant Surgery

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Dental implants are popular among patients looking for tooth replacement options because they give a natural look and are durable. Although their numerous benefits might have already convinced you to schedule an appointment with your dentist, you could be skeptical or anxious about the procedure. Undergoing a surgical procedure might be scary if it is your first time. Therefore, if you feel anxious about the surgical procedure, this piece is for you. The following are reasons you should not panic before this life-changing treatment. 

1. Your Dentist Will Guide You 

Only a qualified and experienced implant dentist can undertake the surgery. During your appointment, the specialist will assess your oral cavity to determine whether you are an ideal patient for implants. This helps in minimizing the risks of implant failure. Your dentist will take you through everything to expect during and after the procedure. This would be an ideal time to ask about all your pain points and concerns. Getting answers from an expert can help you deal with anxiety. 

2. The Treatment Is Performed Under Anesthesia 

Pain during surgery is one of the greatest worries among patients looking to get dental implants. However, the procedure requires anesthesia to make it bearable. Most dentists like to use local anesthesia, where you'll awake during the procedure but will not feel any pain. 

If you are too anxious, your dentist could recommend general anesthesia. You can also request antianxiety treatment to help you manage the anxiety. However, as long as you are in the care of a qualified dentist, you should sail smoothly under local anesthesia. 

3. The Discomfort During the Healing Phase Is Minimal 

Before surgery, your dentist might share a few post-care tips to help you make the recovery period smooth. They will also prescribe pain medication to manage discomfort or pain. Avoid physical activities for the first few days and take rest during recovery. Your dentist might also ask you to stop smoking, drink a lot of water, and eat soft foods. These instructions go a long way toward speeding up recovery and minimizing discomfort. 

4. High Success Rates

Dental implants have a high success rate. They are also durable and will last long with proper maintenance and good oral habits. You'll also want to listen to your dentist's instructions to prevent complications or implant failure. This information should give you the confidence to undertake the procedure.

You have nothing to worry about when consulting an expert for your implant surgery. As shown above, you can always discuss your concerns with your dentist. Therefore, reach out to a dentist to discuss dental implants.


19 September 2022

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